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Choose your pricing plan

  • Basic HVAC membership

    Every month
    Be prepared with regular maintainance checks
    Valid for 12 months
    • Basic membership includes an A/C Check ($50 Value)
    • Basic membership includes a furnace system check ($50 Value)
    • With the Basic membership you will pay no dispatch fees ever
  • Silver Member HVAC

    Every month
    HVAC like a pro with regular cleans and checks
    Valid for 12 months
    • Membership includes a Furnace system clean (*$225 Value)
    • Silver membershp includes an A/C clean (*$225 Value)
    • No dispatch fees ever
    • One Air Conditioning Check per yr. ($50 Value)
    • One Furnace Check per yr. ($50 Value)
    • No Emergency dispatch fees ever (*100 Value)
  • K9 Waste Removal Membership

    *Custom tailored visits billed once a month on date of your choosing at $10 per dog
    Free Plan
    • Members Save $5 per bag on off site waste disposal
    • Members only pay $10 per dog per visit Vs $15 as a nonmember
    • Members get half off all Yard Deodorizer treatments
    • Members enjoy no Dispatch fees for our Heating & Air Service
    • Members enjoy no Dispatch fees for K9 Waste Removal Service
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