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Customer Reviews

06/10/23 ** Review by Hadrika M. in Bennington, NE 

Comments: Outstanding HVAC Service Expirience with Aquickfix!

Review: I recently had the pleasure of working with Aquickfix for my AC unit repair, and I can not recommend them enough! From start to finish, their service was exceptional, and I am delighted to give them a well deserved 5-star review.

First and foremost I was impressed by the technicians's knowladge and expertise. They quickly diagnosed the issue with my AC unit and explained the problem to me in a way that was easy to understand. It was evident they had a deep understanding of HVAC systems and were able to provide me with accurate and reliable information.

What truly set Aquickfix apart was their honest and integrity.Unlike other companies I've delt with in the past, they did not try to upsell or push unnecessary repsirs or services on me. They provided an honest assesment of the problem and presented me with reasonable solutions that fit my budget and needs. It was refreshing to work with a company that prioritizes the customer's best interest above all else.

The entire process, from sschedualing the appointment to the completion of the repair, was smooth and hassel-free. Aquickfix was prompt,professional, and respectful of my time. They arrived on time with the necessary tools and parts and effeciently resolved the issue with my AC unit. I greatly appreciated their attention to detail and their commitment to delivering high-quality service.


In terms of pricing, Aquickfix was fair and transparent. They provide a clear breakdown of the costs involved and ensured that I understood the charges before proceeding with the repair. I was pleasently suprised by their competetive pricing, considering the level of expertise and top-notch service they provided.


Overall, my experience with Aquickfix was outstanding, and I wholeheartedly reccomend them to anyone in need of HVAC services. Their knowladgeable and honest approach, combined with their dedication to customer satisfaction, truly sets them apart from the rest. If your looking for a reliable HVAC company that delivers exceptional service without upselling or overcharging, look no further than Aquickfix. They have earned my trust and gratitude, and I will definitely be relying on them for any future HVAC needs.  

05/05/2023 **Review by Sara C. in OMAHA, NE

Comments: Honest and efficient. The work that was needed was done quickly and correctly. We were not sold things we didnâ t need and he explained what he was doing each step of the way. Best of all, just a really good person. Thank you!!!

04/13/2023 **Review by Gina M. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Saved me a ton of Money compared to Burton and their scare and scam tactics

04/10/2023 **Review by Mark S. in Omaha, NE

Comments: they were good

02/07/2023 **Review by Steve H. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Punctual. Great at diagnosing the situation & communicating it to me. Honest in stating that the problem was irreparable & beyond his ability to fix. Appreciate that & will call again when necessary.

01/02/2023 **Review by Garrett S. in Omaha, NE

Comments: great job

01/01/2023 **Review by Jocelyn S. in Omaha, NE

Comments: We came home on New Yearâ s Day after visiting out-of-town family for the holidays to find our furnace not working. My husband and I called multiple service providers who said they could schedule us for next day service (not ideal for winter weather and a newborn in our home but understandable given the holiday). David came out to assess and repair our issue all within two hours with extremely reasonable pricing. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. We cannot thank him enough and would recommend him to family and friends. Of note, Iâ ve read multiple 4-4.5 star reviews that have nothing but complimentary statements and warrant A Quick Fix receiving a 5 star review, in my opinion.

01/01/2023 **Review by Ryan A. in Omaha, NE

Comments: They didn't excellent job, very up front and honest about the work needed and condition of furnace. Had it back up and running in no time. Service call was pricey but that was to be expected. Very thorough. Clean up and overall very happy with the service. I would definitely use them again and recommend them.

10/21/2022 **Review by Phillip G. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Good communication

10/18/2022 **Review by Jayne E. in Omaha, NE

Comments: On time and knowledgeable

10/07/2022 **Review by Bekka B. in Bennington, NE

Comments: I loved how he explained what he was doing and educated me on my heating unit.

09/05/2022 **Review by Michael C. in Omaha, NE

Comments: He was knowledgeable

09/05/2022 **Review by Jeff G. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Service man trimmed my bushes obstructing air conditioner for no charge. He was punctual, efficient and extremely responsible charge. In my experience, he is to date the best value for quality service and knowledge of his work.

08/29/2022 **Review by Jerry M. in Omaha, NE (1star)

Comments: He is disreputable and I would never recommend him. He lied over the phone and did not give an honest quote when I first spoke to him after putting in my details for the job. He tried selling me a product for $600.00 that I DID NOT need even before he checked out my air conditioner system. That product would have voided my warranty! My AC is less than three years old. His only concern was making more money!

Your Comments:
We did provide you with the entire list of repair options. I'm sorry you were not satisfied. Things like this happen without regular maintenance.

08/26/2022 **Review by Jennifer L. in La Vista, NE

Comments: He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He was polite and courteous and seemed genuine in all his answers. We will definitely call again when we have further issues.

08/25/2022 **Review by Philip M. in Omaha, NE

Comments: They have a less than 24-hour response time. Reasonable prices and friendly staff.

08/20/2022 **Review by Mary A. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with.

08/10/2022 **Review by Jennifer B. in Omaha, NE

Comments: They were able to come the same day And fix the problem. He talked me through the problem and was abLe tonfix it the same day too without having to wait for parts. He was bery reasonable with the price and gave us good advice to prevent future problems.

08/09/2022 **Review by Ladonna F. in Omaha, NE

Comments: I was very pleased with the service I got .

08/02/2022 **Review by Terry N. in Omaha, NE

Comments: The service was great. I have an older ac unit and he didn't try to sale me a new one. He fixed the problem. The cost was extremely affordable. I called him up and he was there in less than a hour. House getting cooler a half hour later. Great service. Hire this man.

07/28/2022 **Review by June H. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Contacted A Quick Fix as nobody else would call us back, he called me within 10 mins and came out to fix our AC that wasn’t cooling it was 90 degrees in our house with fans running. Within an hour he had it fix and cooling for a great nights sleep. He let me watch him and explained everything he did to fix our AC. Highly recommend and very reasonably priced. Very personable and took his time to get everything fixed

07/28/2022 **Review by Robert R. in Omaha, NE

Comments: The technician, David, was on time, friendly, and did a thorough job inspecting my system. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything in terms the average person could understand and told me a couple of items I could do myself to save money. The visit and inspection fee was more than reasonable compared to the competition.

07/21/2022 **Review by Alan L. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Very professional on time and did good work.

07/07/2022 **Review by Terry B. in Plattsmouth, NE

Comments: Very prompt, knowledgeable, efficient, and polite. Quality of work was exactly what I expect and the price was excellent.

06/16/2022 **Review by Peggy R. in Bellevue, NE 

Comments: It was good service


05/29/2022 **Review by James H. in Blair, NE

Comments: Nice honest gentlemen.

05/27/2022 **Review by Ed P. in Papillion, NE

Comments: Dave described the issue in great detail and offered different option(price point) to fix the issue.

05/17/2022 **Review by Debra hammel H. in OMAHA, NE

Comments: Very fast and was ontime

04/26/2022 **Review by Brandon M. in Bennington, NE

Comments: Best experience with an HVAC company!

04/09/2022 **Review by Charlene L. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Personable, and worked quickly to diagnose and fix the problem.

01/17/2022 **Review by Richelle H. in Omaha, NE

Comments: He was very helpful and knowledgeable.

12/29/2021 **Review by Sara C. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Great small business owner! Very knowledgeable and explained everything. Came within 15 mins and got it fixed. Very reasonable pricing.

12/19/2021 **Review by Darla B. in Elkhorn, NE

Comments: David is a small business owner which I love to support. He knew what to do when I explained the problem. Showed up in hours of my call and had my furnace running in a hour. He’s friendly and good at what he does.

12/18/2021 **Review by Thomas H. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Friendly and Efficient. Likes to talk.

12/17/2021 **Review by Charlene D. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Awesome

12/02/2021 **Review by Bobby J. in Omaha, NE

Comments: David is great. Passionate and knows his stuff. He gave me tips to DIY and maintenance tips.

11/24/2021 **Review by Mark H. in Omaha, NE 

Comments: All I needed what an inspection on some 3 yr old systems. As I anticipated we were in good shape but David found some "baked" dust (probably from my basement workshop) coating the burner sensor. David explained with videos how this cuts down on the efficiency of the furnace. Charged a fair price to clean it up. Made sure I approved before he began the work. On time, friendly, professional. I set the appointment for my spring A/C inspection.

11/10/2021 **Review by Janet D. in Blair, NE

Comments: Very thorough on explaining details of inspection. Very polite and positive.

11/02/2021 **Review by Scott R. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Very very knowledgeable about humidifiers and furnacesâ ¦ We had the humidifier fixed which now works perfectly and the furnace cleaned. Would highly recommend this gentleman/the business

11/01/2021 **Review by Janet D. in Papillion, NE

Comments: Great service! Will have them come back for yearly service.

10/23/2021 **Review by Randy T. in Bellevue, NE

Comments: new what they were doing and was very nice . i will all ways call them in the furture

10/22/2021 **Review by Cody S. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Very transparent and educational about what needed to be done. I would recommend this company to anyone

10/18/2021 **Review by Daniel W. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Honest and quick with the fix

09/17/2021 **Review by George T. in Omaha, NE

Comments: fair' on time ' great work

09/16/2021 **Review by Joel W. in Papillion, NE

Comments: Great young man.

09/01/2021 **Review by Pj B. in Omaha, NE 

Comments: David came on a Friday when my AC stopped working while we were in 97F, other places told they couldn't come that day. He was friendly, professional and fast, changed the failed Capacitor and cleaned the AC unit at a reasonable price. Excellent Job!

08/17/2021 **Review by Desiree B. in Plattsmouth, NE

Comments: Very speedy response when my ac shut down. Was able to get it back up and running in no time

08/12/2021 **Review by Jacob S. in Bellevue, NE

Comments: Excellent

07/28/2021 **Review by Steve F. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Quick, reasonable and professional

07/27/2021 **Review by William F. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Excellent 4 stars!

07/24/2021 **Review by Michael E. in Omaha, NE

Project: Repair or Service a Heat Pump

Comments: Responded quickly to my call, reasonable rates, and fixed the problem.

07/23/2021 **Review by Derrick S. in Omaha, NE

Project: Repair or Service a Central Air Conditioning System

Comments: Everything was great!

07/22/2021 **Review by Glenn S. in Bellevue, NE

Comments: David was on time, courteous, and efficient. Will definitely use those services in the future.

07/18/2021 **Review by Michael E. in Omaha, NE

Comments: David was able to respond quickly and fix my central air at a reasonable price. Thanks!

07/06/2021 **Review by William F. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Very quick response. David is very professional and polite. He did a great job and explained everything he was doing and why. I recommend them to anyone. I wil use them again if I have future probems. A very pleasant experience to my surprise.

07/02/2021 **Review by Janet K. in Omaha, NE

Comments: David was so nice and respectful. He explained everything he was doing and also told me what I needed to do in the future.

06/30/2021 **Review by Tina G. in Fort Calhoun, NE

Comments: Very quick response time--eas able to come out next day. Quickly identified primary cause of problem and a few necessary maintenance issues to get ahead of major repairs. Highly recommended!

06/29/2021 **Review by Justin B. in Blair, NE

Comments: David is a very professional and personable gentleman. Very knowledgeable and I trust him 100% working on my HVAC system.

06/26/2021 **Review by Kim S. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Prompt, quick service. Good attitude, positive customer service.

06/19/2021 **Review by Patricia N. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Had a quick fix come to diagnose my ac unit . He was in time did a thorough diagnistuc check told me what the issue was

06/17/2021 **Review by Alex M. in Omaha, NE

Comments: They responded within 2 minutes of my inquiry and even had emergency services where they came out to fix our A/C within 30 minutes. The emergency service price was the same as what other companies will charge for just regular service. They were extremely friendly and even showed us on the A/C unit what was wrong instead of just showing us a bill. It was nice to actually see what was wrong instead of just looking at numbers on a paper that I’ll be paying for something I know nothing about. The fix was done quickly and there were no issues and our house is back to normal and comfortable.

06/13/2021 **Review by Lucious B. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Very Friendly and professional

06/08/2021 **Review by Tracy C. in Omaha, NE

Comments: He was able to come out the same day and was a bit early. He was able to quickly discover the problem and gave me some great inexpensive tips to keep my heating and cooling bill down. Would absolutely recommend!

06/04/2021 **Review by Julie P. in Kennard, NE

Comments: David was very nice and worked with me on keeping the cost down as much as possible

05/25/2021 **Review by Ruth V. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Very nice and excellent job I'm having them come back and check my heater.

05/22/2021 **Review by Lana E. in La Vista, NE

Comments: Clear and transparent with issues , repair options and cost.

05/21/2021 **Review by Tim B. in Papillion, NE

Comments: Great job and explained everything.

05/12/2021 **Review by Elaine B. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Pleasant young gentleman repaired my air conditioner

05/03/2021 **Review by Josephine M. in Bellevue, NE

Comments: Great. Very friendly, great service, and affordable prices.

05/01/2021 **Review by La donna E. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Very knowledgeable, price reasonable, professional and courteous.

05/01/2021 **Review by Michaela M. in Omaha, NE

Comments: It was excellent he was honest and professional. Made recommendations on what we needed to do didn't want to take a bunch of money and it not fix problem in end.

04/29/2021 **Review by Verna D. in Omaha, NE

Comments: They are kind and very honest.

04/28/2021 **Review by Matt S. in Omaha, NE

Comments: David is very professional and knowledgeable and trustworthy, I highly recommend you trust him with all your HVAC needs! Diagnosed the problems with my system and fixed them promptly and for a fair price, and had a quick response time.

04/28/2021 **Review by Pete G. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Knowledgeable, prompt, and honest.

04/27/2021 **Review by Bill D. in Papillion, NE

Comments: We had a great customer experiance. Would recommend Davidâ s service anytime. Completely honest with a fair price for the service.


04/26/2021 **Review by Donald F. in La Vista, NE

Comments: Friendly knowledgeable and experienced

04/19/2021 **Review by Joseph S. in Omaha, NE

Comments: Great service. Very honest. Didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t need. Quick response time.

04/07/2021 **Review by Michele G. in Bellevue, NE

Comments: From the beginning excellent communication. Work was well done and he made sure everything worked correctly before leaving. Was very pleasant and the price was excellent value for the work done. Would definitely use again

04/06/2021 **Review by Michaela R. in OMAHA, NE

Comments: Explained everything and was very friendly!

04/05/2021 **Review by Lawrence P. in Omaha, NE

Comments: I have not had to clean and repair my HVAC, so I donâ t know how competitive the price is. I will say I wanted to have the job done ASAP and David got back to me on Easter Sunday. He was here the next day and made recommendations and he was honest with me on parts that will be needing replacement but did not use scare tactics David just gave me â I would do these repairs today and see how it goes.â

04/04/2021 **Review by Rashelle B.

Comments: They did a great job.

*04/03/2021 **Review by Joel B.

Comments: He did excellent work at a reasonable price. It was a great experience

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